2020 – Weaving Humanism into the Fabric of Medical Education

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Virtual Conference

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Title/Date Topics Speaker(s)

Opening Plenary

The Power of Kindness: A Personal and Professional Search for Empathy in Healthcare

Brian Goldman

Plenary Session

Humanism in Medicine: How Relationships with Peers and Patients Shape Healthcare

Maria Hubinette


Henry Annan

Mario Di Carlo

John Ruedy Education Innovation Symposium

Extending and Augmenting the Educational Experience, the View from the Anatomy Lab

Sean Mcwatt

Bruce Wainman

Timothy D. Wilson

Claudia Krebs

AFMC Learner Forum

2020: Humanism in the Learning Environment: Current state and future directions

Victor Do

Maxime Morin-Lavoie

Christian Campagna

Emily Stewart

Education Research Symposium

Connecting the dots: Using multi-organizational data to evaluate the effect of medical education

Rob Whyte

Lawrence Grierson

Elizabeth Wenghofer

Mahan Kulasegaram


Arts and Humanities in Medicine: an Expanding Canadian Tapestry

Allan Peterkin

Carol Ann Courneya

Pamela Brett-MacLean

Wendy Stewart

AFMC Hot Topic

A Healthy response to climate change: a hot topic for medical education

Charles-Antoine Barbeau-Meunier

Finola Hackett

Willow Thickson
Courtney Howard

Plenary Beyond Boundaries

Weaving Humanism with Theatre for Living

David Diamond