Facilitated Poster Sessions

Presenters are asked to give a 3-5 minute presentation in a themed session highlighting the key points from their poster, followed by group discussion. Any time remaining at the end of the session may be used for a group discussion or individual poster viewing. 

A facilitator will be appointed to lead the discussion.

Presenters are also encouraged to stand by their posters during one or more of the coffee and lunch breaks for one-to-one discussion with participants.

Dedicated Poster Session

The Dedicated Poster Session takes place on Sunday, April 19, 2020 - 10:00 - 11:30. There will be no other educational sessions happening during this time, therefore we ask that you be standing by your poster as delegates will be walking around the poster hall at this time.

Setup and Tear Down Information

Poster presenters may put up their posters during the following times: Saturday, April 18, 2019 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

If you are unavailable to hang your poster during these times, we kindly ask that you set them up in the morning of your first day at the conference.

How to Mount Your Poster

Please note, the posters for CCME 2020 are in a VERTICAL format. 

  • The posters may be 87 inches high by 36 inches wide, or smaller

  • Material on surface: Braelock fabric

  • Velcro and push pin compatible

  • Visual size: 87'' x 36'' (Height by width)

  • Metal frame: 1'' squared

  • 10 velcro dots will be provided to you onsite 

Suggestions for Effective Posters

  1. Letters and numbers should be large enough to be readable from 1.5 m. For example, font size recommendations for Arial font: Title = 72pt; Author and affiliation = 48 pt; Text = 36 pt. Use simple typeface and use bold type for headings 

  2. Use bullets, and keep text to a minimum. Don't crowd information onto the poster.

  3. Keep figures and tables simple.

  4. Use a simple background and colour scheme that does not detract from the information being presented.

  5. Excessive use of organized logos or advertisements is discouraged

  6. If possible, provide miniaturized copies of the poster (e.g., 22 cm x 28 cm; 8.5" X 11") and your business card.

  7. Provide an envelope where people can leave their business card requesting additional information.

  8. Include a recent photo of yourself in the upper right-hand corner so that people can find you for discussion later.