How the sessions are organized

Oral presentations are 10 minutes each, followed by five minutes for questions and discussion. Between four and six presentations are grouped into a themed session with a Moderator to conduct the session. A discussion period is incorporated at the end of the session if time permits.

Presenters should go to their presentation room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session and report to the Moderator.

What is provided

A Windows-compatible computer and data projector is provided. In order to avoid delays between presentations, it is not possible for you to use your own computer for oral presentations.

All rooms are connected to Wifi but no hard-wired connections are available.

Ways to upload and check your Powerpoint

You (or the submitter of your presentation if it was not you personally) will receive an email from the Presentation Management Company approximately 3 weeks before the Conference. You will be given the option of uploading your presentation online in advance of the Conference if you wish to do so.

If you choose not to upload in advance, you may wait until you arrive at the hotel to upload your presentation. All the oral presentation room computers are connected to the presentation management software in the Speaker Ready Room located in the both hotels.

It is preferable to go to the Speaker Ready Room the day before your scheduled presentation in order to test your file. If this is not possible, please go to the Speaker Ready Room at least 3 hours before your presentation time. It will then be saved and uploaded for you on the relevant computer.

Please contact us at ccme@afmc.ca if you have any questions.