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CCME 2021 will take place from Saturday, April 17-Tuesday April 20, bringing you 4 full days of CCME content! Each day will bring you one of our 4 plenary sessions, 4 major sessions, live workshops, asynchronous oral sessions, and constant access to our poster sessions.

We are so excited to share this new conference experience with you!

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The Conference program will feature interactive workshops, pre-recorded oral sessions followed by live Q&As and poster presentations that are grouped into themes. Each theme covers current and emerging issues in medical education, varying from diversity and equity, Covid-19, health & wellness, continuing professional development to faculty development, teaching & learning, curriculum, professionalism, postgraduate affairs and more. With CCME 2021 organized around many different tracks of educational content, attendees will find ample opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration.

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James Makokis Anthony Johnson

Saturday April 17, 2021 | 13:30-15:00 (Eastern Time)

We are all medicine: Bringing Indigenous wisdom into the medical system

Speakers: Anthony Johnson and Dr. James Makokis

Session Objectives:

  • Unique ways of advocating for patients and issues in health care
  • That learning about Indigenous health and Indigenous health-system requires getting out on the Land
  • How intergenerational trauma can manifest in someone's life (and on TV). Best practices for being an advocate for an individual who has lived trauma
Anthony Chang

Sunday April 18, 2021 | 13:30- 14:30 (Eastern Time)

AI and the Future of Medicine and Healthcare: Excessive Hype or Paradigm Shift?

Speaker: Dr. Anthony Chang

Session Objectives:

  • Describe the current state of the art of AI in clinical medicine and healthcare
  • Discuss how AI impacts on the future of clinical medicine and healthcare and its nuances
  • Recognize how AI and emerging technologies may be part of the curriculum for future clinicians
  • Discuss how AI can be a resource for medical education and training in the coming years
Onye Nnorom

Monday April 19, 2021 | 13:30- 14:30 (Eastern Time)

Black Lives, (In)Justice & Health: A Reckoning, Revolution, or Renaissance in Medicine?

Speaker: Dr. Onye Nnorom

Session Objectives:

  • Describe how systemic anti-Black racism drives inequities in Canada
  • Identify and explore promising practices to address inequities in medicine
Marlies Van Djik

Tuesday April 20, 2021 | 13:30-14:30 (Eastern Time)

Wind in Your Sails: Using Human Centered Design to Innovate Education

Speaker: Marlies Van Dijk

Session Objectives:

  • Describe the current state of user centered health services in Canada
  • Define the basic elements of design thinking
  • Apply design thinking to education in health care
  • Identify a number of common myths around change management



Monday April 19, 2021 | 11:30- 13:00 (Eastern Time)

On the stage: A theatre performance about the experiential knowledge and dilemmas of students and clinicians with disabilities in healthcare programs

Speakers: Dr. Tal Jarus, Dr. Yael Mayer, Chris Cook, Dr. Laura Yvonne Bulk, Dr. Alfiya Battalova, Laen Hershler

Session Objectives:

  • Describe the challenges and barriers students and clinicians with disabilities in healthcare programs experience during their education and practice.
  • Describe the unique strengths disabled people bring to the health professions.
  • Identify at least one action they can take to change within their context to create safer environments for students and clinicians with disabilities.
  • Compare and contrast the impact of Research-based Theatre experience and presentation on their learning.



Monday April 19, 2021 | 15:30- 17:00 (Eastern Time)

The Future of Faculty Development

Speakers: Teresa Chan, Dimitri Papanagnou, Michael Gottlieb, Yusuf Yilmaz, Brent Thoma

Session Objectives:

  • Identify one innovation they would like to incorporate into their own personal faculty development plan
  • Describe one initiative to augment local faculty development that they would like to implement locally
  • Commit to contacting a faculty development leader to discuss an innovation that they would like to see implemented locally



Tuesday April 20, 2021 | 15:30-17:00 (Eastern Time)

Social Accountability of Canadian medical schools: what is your role as a medical educator?

Panelists: Dr. Marcia Anderson, Dr. Julien Poitras, GB Olarewaju, Dr. Lynn Ashdown Moderator: Dr. Saleem Razack

Session Objectives:

  • Describe social accountability and some common misconceptions about social accountability
  • Identify gaps in the social accountability of our medical education system within existing frameworks
  • Understand how we can use the lens of EDI to further our social accountability mandate
  • Identify a new practice/activity/next step that can be enacted by medical educators within their own environments



Sunday April 18, 2021 | 15:30-17:00 (Eastern Time)

Medical Education in the COVID19 era: The Lived Experience

Speakers: Henry Li, Catherine Lajoie, Dr. Olivier Fortin, Dr. Esther Kim

Session Objectives:

  • Describe how the changes in medical education forced by the pandemic have impacted learners’ educational experience
  • Describe how the pandemic has amplified challenges in the Canadian medical education environment
  • Identify resources that are essential to allow the Canadian education environment to thrive


Gold Humanism Award and Lecture

The AFMC–Gold Humanism Award and Lecture was created in 2018 to emphasize, reinforce and elevate the ideals of humanism and patient-centered care within the healthcare community in Canada. The nominations are open to physicians, nurses and other members of the healthcare team who practice in Canada and are practitioners or researchers within health professions education.


Monday April 19, 2021 | 17:00-18:00 (Eastern Time)

Award Recipients

Dr. Jillian Horton (2020 Award Winner) 

 Dr. Marie- Ève Goyer (2021 Award Winner)




CCME Social Event - Hosted by Memorial University 

Monday April 19, 2021 | 19:00 (Eastern Time)

Spirit of Newfoundland Showcase: Presenting a 45 minute set filled with Newfoundland Culture through music, humorous dialogue & stories, song and joviality.

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The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen


This award-winning documentary celebrates Dr. May Cohen: a trailblazer for women’s health and equity for
women physicians. This film is a great tool for workshops and discussions with medical students, residents and
faculty. Join Dean Paul O’Byrne (McMaster), as he moderates a ZOOM panel discussion and Q&A with
Dr. May Cohen; Drs. Janet deGroot, Michael Lee-Poy, Anne Niec who are experienced in using the film;
and filmmakers, Drs. Cheryl Levitt and Barbara Lent.

Panel Discussion and Q&A

April 18 at 7:00pm 

Free Screening for CCME Registrants

April 15-20, 2021

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