Instructions to Access Virtual CCME

The Online Portal is available for users to access their event information. This includes invoices, registration details, videos, and event/session evaluation.

Virtual CCME Login

To gain access to the portal, you will be required to input the email address used as part of your registration. Your default password is your confirmation number. Once logged into the portal, each accessible area is listed at the top of the page.


For registrants, after access to the portal is verified, the dashboard is displayed. This dashboard is a summary of information relating to your account, including the accessible area menu at the top of the page. This menu is displayed on each area of the portal.


The video page lists all videos available to your account. Each video is listed on the right side menu and is scrollable. When initially loaded, the first video on the list is loaded. To watch a video, click on the desired video in the menu. When a video is clicked, the page will:

  • Load the video in the player
  • Display the title, description, and documentation below the video, in the information box
  • Load the discussion board for the video below the information box

The video player has standard access controls to play, pause, and scroll through the video.

Discussion Board

Each video has a discussion board for posting comments / questions. To add a post, click on the text which says Add a comment... and hit enter to complete your post. A post can be edited or deleted after being completed, in case any modification is required. Additionally, you can reply to any comment made on the board by clicking on the Add Reply link.

Any post made by a speaker for the respective video will be highlighted in a different colour. If a response to a post you made is completed, you will receive a notification of your post.


On the evaluation page, the conference evaluation can be completed. The evaluation can be modified after it has been submitted.


On the portal dashboard is an area on the right side called Certificate. This area will list the available certificates for download. The conference evaluation must be completed before any certificate is available.