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The form must be submitted by Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022. After this date, rooms cannot be guaranteed.
Please use a separate form for each event you are organizing at CCME 2022.

Meeting Length

Meeting held Thursday, April 21, Friday, April 22, or Saturday, April 23

Meeting held Sunday, April 24, Monday, April 25, or Tuesday, April 26




4hrs +



Please note: If you are not attending the conference, but are attending meetings before or during the conference, you are still required to register for the conference. There are "day registrations" on the registration form for this very purpose.

All those attending CCME, including meetings and events, will be required to present proof of vaccination, or a medical exemption letter, along with personal identification, to be granted access. All meetings and events will follow public health guidelines and protocols. Meeting coordinators will be informed about CCME specific guidelines prior to the meeting.

Any questions may be directed to ccme@afmc.ca